Emergency Match Card Procedure

All Managers and Assistant Managers or Team Administrators are asked to ensure they are fully conversant with Rule 20(J) (iii) and (iv) and also Rule, 21(A) to (C).

The Match Card procedure has been listed below.                                                                     

Follow these rules and you will not incur needless fines. The match card procedure will safeguard your players against infringements of League Rules.

Please Note: - Only players who have been properly registered in accordance with Rule 18 may take part in matches.

EMERGENCY MATCH CARD (hand-written Match cards)

Important Information

In the event that a Team Manager or Assistant or Team Administrator is unable to electronically complete and submit the match card using the Tandridge App, they must complete by hand the appropriate emergency match card, downloaded from the League Website ‘Documents’ page.

NB – If you cannot access the Tandridge App:

You will not be able to add the opposition player Numbers to the App and

You will not be able to report the Result and other required information.

And so, you must take to the game an Emergency (paper) Match card on which you must write the opposition player details.

The person designated to complete Match Card Procedure must follow the following guidelines: -

1.   The Match Card Procedure must take place before the game commences

2.   The Team Manager or Assistant or Team Administrator must apply the Match Card Procedure

3.   Player registration (ID) cards must be provided to the opposing Team Manager/Assistant/Team Administrator in order that the players can be properly identified and entered onto the match card.

4.   The Team Manager/Assistant/Team Administrator will write the Player Registration Number for each opposition player present and who has been identified by their Player Registration Card. Please remember that you are entering your OPPOSITION players’ details onto your   emergency match card.

5.   A player or team whose registration card(s) are not available for inspection by the opposing team shall not be permitted to take part in   the match and will be deemed ineligible unless a Permission to Play (P2P) e-mail has been issued by the League. (see Rule 18(A) (iii   - iv).

6.   A player who arrives after the commencement of the match shall be eligible to play, after match card procedure has been carried out.

7.   If there is a discrepancy when entering the opposition player’s information, you must report this to the League, either by adding a note to the emergency match card or by subsequent e-mail. You cannot stop the player from taking to the field of play if the opposition manager insists, he/she is eligible. The League Registration Secretary will investigate this situation as a matter of urgency.

8.  On the conclusion of the game the Team Manager/Assistant/Team Administrator must ensure the emergency match card makes it clear which is your team and which is the opposition team.

9.  Also ensure that it contains the following information before it is sent: -

a.   Opposition Players Registration Numbers for each player present and identified by the Player Registration Card (or P2P e-mail).

b.    Opposition Players Names – corresponding to the numbers

c.    Description of game: e.g. league game or other competition; age and division

d.    Final match score

e.    Kick off Time

f.     Referee Name and Referee Mark

g.    Sportsmanship Marks for Opposition Officials, Players and Supporters (three marks).

h.    Printed Name & signature of person performing the match card procedure for your team.

i.     Name of Opposition Manager or person in charge of opposition team.


The emergency match card must be sent by e-mail attachment to: compliancetyfl@gmail.com.                                                         NB. You must send your e-mail on the day of the game or during the following day, to ensure that the emergency match card is received within ONE day of the date of the match (i.e. the same day that the match was played, or by the very next day).

Please remember – in situations where the App cannot be used and an emergency paper match card is used instead, the Club must ensure they also submit the result of the match onto the League website as soon as possible and at the latest by 18:00 hours on the day of the match.


·         Teams found not to have carried out match card procedure as detailed above shall be liable to a fine of up to £50.00

·         Any Team Manager who regularly fails to carry out match card procedure in accordance with this rule shall be deemed guilty of     bringing the League into disrepute and dealt with under Rule 6D.

·         In the event that it is established that both teams breached League Rules by failing to complete the Match Card procedure this may     cause the game to be considered as void.

·         Failure to provide Referee Mark will result in a fine as per the Fines Tariff (Rule 23.H)

·         Match Cards NOT received or late will result in a fine as per the Fines Tariff (Rule 21.A)

·         Any other omissions on a match card will result in a fine as per the Fines Tariff.